Councilmember holds ward meeting in Poughkeepsie

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Natasha Cherry (standing) opens the ward meeting.

POUGHKEEPSIE – Despite the common council being on summer recess, 6th ward councilwoman Natasha Cherry held a ward meeting on Thursday night to address ongoing complaints in her ward.

Cherry noted that, due to the pandemic, many elected officials had not been in direct contact with their constituents.  “Being an elected official, a very important part is having that connection with the community that you serve.”

Working with the police department, Cherry held the meeting at the public safety building on Main Street where social-distancing was adhered to.

Cherry invited a handful of residents of her ward who had very specific concerns regarding traffic, speeding, and construction in the vicinity of Virginia Avenue, Hooker Avenue, and Circular Road.

Cherry said that Police Chief Tom Pape, Captain Rich Wilson, and City Administrator Marc Nelson were in attendance to hear the concerns of the residents while also providing an update on procedural justice and phase 4 reopening.  John Penney, the city’s Director of Community Engagement was also present to hear from the residents. We will also listen to the residents to “get their direct feedback on what we can do better moving forward.”  Cherry said that in these times “We need to re-establish that interpersonal connection with our constituents.  We can definitely do it wearing our masks, socially-distancing, but it’s very important that we keep that close connection.”