Local author pens book to help people who lost jobs due to COVID-19

NEWBURGH – Donna Cornell has spent the last 20 years coaching people in how to find jobs in difficult times, and the Town of Newburgh resident said there are no more difficult times than now with the COVID-19 pandemic.

She wanted to impart her knowledge and experience to a larger audience, so she has just written a book, Job Searching in Pandemic Times.

The book provides guidance on how to apply for a job in this Internet-based era.

Donna Cornell

“The first thing is everything has changed and how have they changed from the pandemic. The second thing is you need to create a very different resume to open doors; it is very different right now. And the third thing is how to avoid applicant tracking systems. Those are those robots that screen your resume and determine if it gets into the hands of a human. I have some strategies on how to bypass them, or I call the word, ‘navigate them’,” she said.

The robots look for key words  and kick-out factors and you will have to learn what they are to make sure they are not on your resume, and how to get your resume in the hands of a human.

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