Gunshots strike two more victims in Poughkeepsie

Poughkeepsie city police

POUGHKEEPSIE – City of Poughkeepsie police are investigating the shooting of two women who were leaving a gathering at 194 Cottage Street in the early morning hours of Saturday, June 20.

According to Detective Lieutenant Matt Clark, police responded to Vassar Brothers Medical Center at 3:26 a.m. on June 20 for a report of two gunshot victims that had arrived at the emergency room.  The victims had arrived at the hospital in their personal vehicle.

Clark said that the victims, both 26, reported they were leaving the gathering in their car when they heard what they thought were firecrackers. The driver realized she had been shot through her right hand and the passenger suffered an injury to her lip. Neither victim could give any information on who shot or why they were shooting. 

Police Chief Tom Pape called the shooting of the two women “very unfortunate” and cited that the detectives will have difficulty with the investigation due to the victims driving themselves to the hospital, which interfered with the actual crime scene.  Pape also noted that there are very few witnesses to the incident.

The shooting and stabbing incidents, reported here that claimed the life of a young man Saturday night is a very active investigation, according to the chief.  This incident is “horrific” said Pape.  Every available detective was called in to assist, including manpower from the Dutchess County Drug Task Force and the Safe Streets Task Force.  “This is an all hands on deck investigation,” said the Chief.  “Our detectives have been working on the case since it happened and they will continue to do so until every lead has been exhausted.”

Anyone with information on the Cottage Street shooting or the shooting and stabbing near North Bridge and Charles Streets is asked to call the City of Poughkeepsie Police at 845-451-7577.  Non-emergency crime-related tips can be anonymously entered at the City of Poughkeepsie Police online tips website.

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