Sullivan County approves pay cuts for highest paid employees

Sullivan County Courthouse.

MONTICELLO – Facing a deficit as all other counties around the state, the Sullivan County Legislature Thursday voted to slice four percent from the salaries of its 17 highest paid government employees. The pay cut will run from July through the end of the year.

Legislature Chairman Robert Doherty said the reduction was modified over a month of discussion.

“The first way it was employees in management-confidential making more than $65,000. Then we changed it to what we felt was more fair to $100,000 and we asked all of the elected officials to join,” he said.

All nine members of the county legislature agreed along with the sheriff, district attorney, county treasurer, and county clerk.

County Manager Josh Potosek imposed an eight percent pay cut on himself.

Doherty said the reductions will save the county $50,000 over the six-month period.

Whether layoffs or/or tax hikes will have to be imposed depends upon how much the state contributes to the county’s shortfall, the chairman said.





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