EMT fired after posting racial slur

NEWBURGH – An EMT working for Mobile Life Support Services has been fired after he posted a racial slur on his Facebook page.

Robert Lukens posted comments about protests around the country following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

He used the “n” word when referring to looters in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Mobile Life spokeswoman Tricia Mood said the company terminated Lukens for using the racially charged word.

“The comments and views of one employee absolutely do not reflect those of Mobile Life Support Services, its administration, management and most importantly its front-line workers,” the company wrote on its Facebook page Thursday night.

Mobile Life said they conducted a thorough internal investigation over the last couple of days before terminating Lukens. “His behavior and statements are abhorrent. We do not condone his thoughts, feelings, words, beliefs or actions and will not tolerate bigotry or discrimination in any form.”

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