Pandemic could cost Sullivan County over $20 million

MONTICELLO – The coronavirus pandemic, which is wreaking financial havoc all over the globe, could cost Sullivan County well over $20 million in lost revenue.

Nancy Buck

County Treasurer Nancy Buck painted the gloomy picture to county legislators and taxpayers on Monday.

She said the county could lose $7 million to $10 million in sales tax revenue, $4.7 million to $11.7 million in state aid, and has $23 million worth of unpaid property taxes to deal with and all of those figures don’t even consider lost income from the casino, mortgage tax and room tax.

“If you start adding all those millions of dollars I said in one year, just for 2020, I don’t know what the legislators are going to do. They are going to make some terrible, hard decisions, and there are going to be people in Sullivan County who are not going to be happy,” she said.

Buck told the lawmakers they need an infusion of federal aid to help it through the financial crisis.

Congressman Antonio Delgado, meanwhile, pledged on Monday to fight for funding to counties and localities in Washington.

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