Feds rule Thomas not competent to stand trial in Hanukkah machete attack

Michael Sussman and client Grafton Thomas

GOSHEN – The Greenwood Lake man accused in the machete attack at a Monsey rabbi’s home during a Hanukkah celebration last December, has been ruled incompetent to stand trial in federal court.

Michael Sussman, the attorney for Grafton Thomas, said there will be further evaluation of his client.

“Mr. Thomas was evaluated forensically by Federal Bureau of Prisons forensic psychologists who determined that he was incompetent to stand trial and that his prognosis was poor,” Sussman said. “The next step is for him to be committed for a period of up to four months to see whether that circumstance changes allowing him to stand trial.”

Thomas still faces state charges.

One of the five people he attacked at the holiday celebration recently died and the Rockland County District Attorney has said he will seek to have attempted murder charges elevated to murder.