First COVID-19 case in Columbia County

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HUDSON – A Columbia County resident has tested positive for the coronavirus, the first case confirmed in the county. The State Health Department confirmed the diagnosis and the person is under mandatory isolation at home

“In conjunction with our Department of Health, Emergency Response and other departments, we have been working diligently to plan and prepare for our response to COVID-19 here in Columbia County, preparing for weeks for the inevitable case,” and Board of Supervisors’ Chairman Matt Murell.

Public Health Director Jack Mabb said the risk to the community “remains low, (but) it is more important than ever to be vigilant about proper hygiene to keep yourself and your family healthy and minimize the further spread of coronavirus.”

Mabb reminded people that “If you are experiencing symptoms, or think you have contracted coronavirus, please contact your primary care physician – do not go to your physician’s office before calling; your physician will provide further guidance based on your symptoms and exposure.”

The county officials said people should stay at home whether you have symptoms or not.

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