Doctor offers telehealth app as COVID-19 epidemic spreads

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POUGHKEEPSIE – As coronavirus spreads across the country, health officials are telling people with symptoms not to just show up at the hospital or doctor’s office, but call first.

Health care professionals and even Governor Cuomo are urging the use of telehealth as one means of keeping the virus from spreading.

The Town of Poughkeepsie-based MonitorMe ™ company already has hundreds of patients, mostly critically ill, who are connected to their doctors through this program.

Now, the founder and CEO of the company, Dr. Anthony Bacchi, MD, is offering his app to connect people around the country who may pair with their own doctors through telehealth without risking infecting others in an office setting.

“The president issued a waiver so that this type of technology can be used in virtually any state now and he is also allowing for reciprocity of doctors in New York to work in other states as well, so this can be used on a national-type of basis,” he said.

Dr. Bacchi is offering his program to hospital systems, clinics, physician practices, urgent care centers, accountable care organizations, government agencies, and large payors.