Newburgh City Councilman-at-Large goes off on police officers during traffic stop (Watch body cam video)

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Newburgh City Councilman Omari Shakur gives police officers the finger during a traffic stop. (Image from body cam video obtained by Mid-Hudson News)

NEWBURGH – The Orange County District Attorney’s Office is going to review a traffic matter involving Newburgh City Councilman-at-Large Omari Shakur and city police officers.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, February 18 resulted in Shakur cursing at officers.

During the confrontation, Shakur told an officer “I’m your f***king boss.”

The entire episode was captured on body worn cameras. Mid-Hudson News has obtained a copy of the entire exchange.

(WARNING: This video contains vulgar language that is not suitable for children.)
(Police body camera video obtained by Mid-Hudson News)

When reached by Mid-Hudson News Friday evening, Shakur said he was about to go into a meeting and could not talk at that moment.

“The situation is under investigation and I have no further comment,” said Mayor Torrance Harvey.

“These actions by an elected official, directed toward police officers are an example of the exact type of immoral, unethical and divisive behaviors that can never be tolerated,” the Police Superior Officers Association said in a statement. “The City of Newburgh and its police department, takes pride on being one of the most diverse, welcoming and inclusive cities. The city and its police department have taken a firm stance on being open and transparent, speaking out against bigotry, racism, violence and unethical behavior.

The union statement said they “hold our police officers and elected officials to the highest of standards and this is a prime example of gross deviation from what the residents and employees of the City of Newburgh expect from their elected officials.”

The union said Shakur “has repeatedly engaged in conduct that undermines the very fabric of our democracy and has endangered the lives of City of Newburgh police officers as well as other first responders that serve our community.”

In the exchange, the officer explains that he came upon Shakur in a vehicle stopped on Carpenter Avenue and when he beeped his horn to tell him to move, he did not respond. The officer said he was unaware of the identity of the driver until he walked up to the window of the SUV. The officers repeatedly asked him for his driver’s license and he refused, cursing at them and challenging them to arrest him.