State Police issue over 100 tickets in Dutchess County distracted driver enforcement operation

POUGHKEEPSIE – On June 9, State Police conducted a distracted driver enforcement operation in several localities in Dutchess County with a total of 101 tickets issued during the targeted enforcement period.

Of those, 80 were issued for speed related infractions, four for handheld devices, and one child restraint violation.

Under New York State law you cannot use a hand-held mobile telephone or portable electronic device while you drive. Illegal activity includes holding a portable electronic device and talking on a handheld mobile telephone composing, sending, reading, accessing, browsing, transmitting, saving, or retrieving electronic data such as e-mail, text messages, or web pages viewing, taking, or transmitting images playing games

If you use a portable electronic device while you drive (except to call 911 or to contact medical, fire or police personnel about an emergency), you can receive a traffic ticket and be subject to a fine and a surcharge.

Conviction of a cell phone use, portable electronic device use or a texting violation would also result in points being added to your DMV driving record. If you receive 11 points in an 18-month period, your driver license may be suspended.

Current state law includes the following penalties for distracted drivers: For a first offense, the minimum fine is $50 and the maximum is $200. A second offense in 18 months increases the maximum fine to $250. A third offense in 18 months results in a maximum fine of $450. Probationary and junior drivers face a 120-day suspension of their license for a first offense, and one-year revocation of their permit or license if a second offense is committed within six months.

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