Middletown mayor to propose new garbage collection method


MIDDLETOWN – Mayor Joseph DeStefano is hoping to implement his proposed new garbage collection plan for Middletown later this year.

In 2018, he proposed converting to garbage trucks with automated arms to pick up receptacles and now he wants public input and common council approval to start the procedure incrementally.

“It’s going to make for a cleaner community. Right now people are putting garbage out in bags, in uncovered containers, it creates a mess. Every week we have a huge mess whether it is from the crows or people kicking bags or ripping them open by animals. We are going to require everything be put in these containers. We are going to provide containers.” DeStefano’s proposal includes purchasing two, 96-gallon containers for every city resident – one for garbage and the other for recyclables. The city would then lease a garbage truck with an automated arm to pick up the containers for a period of time to determine routes, then purchase two or three trucks. The city will also establish rules for additional collections including at holidays, as well as senior citizen needs.

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