Ciaravino resigns as Newburgh city manager effective end of the year


Ciaravino – leaving a “first rate team”

NEWBURGH – Newburgh City Manager Michael Ciaravino announced on Sunday his intention to seek “alternative career opportunities.”
He said he would stay on through budget season and the end of the year.
Mayor Torrance Harvey said he was disappointed in Ciaravino’s decision, given the improvements the city has achieved under the leadership of his administration and the city council.
“He has worked at full capacity and has done an amazing job in terms of crisis – tornado, the water contamination,” Harvey said. “I’m not saying that we never ha differences. We had our differences as well, but that is to be expected in a healthy, functional, working relationship between a mayor and a city manager.”
In a letter to the city council and staff, Ciaravino, who has been manager for 4 ½ years, said working with a “first rate team” the city has overcome “many obstacles and accomplished many goals with respect to clean water, dilapidated infrastructure, stabilization of the police department and improved safety within our community.”
He said their joint efforts have brought “new life and revitalization to our community.”
The mayor said the city will now begin the search for a new manager to replace Ciaravino by the first of next year.

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