Monticello man gets prison time for high-speed chase



MONTICELLO – A Monticello man was sentenced in Sullivan County
Court to three to six years in state prison for a high-speed chase that
occurred in the towns of Liberty and Bethel in November 2017.

Joshua Vanduser, 35, pled guilty to reckless endangerment as a felony
for his actions in the chase and admitted to recklessly endangering others
when he led police on the chase.

District Attorney James Farrell said Vanduser was driving a van on Route
55 in the Town of Liberty on November 21 when he was stopped by a sheriff’s
deputy who was aware Vanduser was wanted on an outstanding court warrant.

After the deputy told Vanduser he was under arrest, Vanduser sped off
fleeing the traffic stop at speeds of over 90 miles per hour and at one
point drove his car directly at a marked Bethel Constable vehicle that
was assisting in the pursuit.

“This man was wanted on a simple local court warrant and could have
simply complied with the police officer’s directions, but instead
chose to flee and endanger the other users of the public highway and the
police officers who were trying to get him to stop.”

Farrell said the outcome of the incident could have resulted in someone
being seriously hurt.

“The message is simple – don’t flee, don’t run
– because if you do we are going to make sure you are held responsible
and accountable for your reckless acts.”

Vanduser was sentenced on August 21 as a second felony offender having
a prior felony conviction for burglary in 2009.


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