Kingston city lawmakers increase cost of I-587 roundabout


Current configuration of the intersection

KINGSTON – The Kingston Common Council voted 7-1 vote to yet again increase the cost of the I-587 and Albany Avenue roundabout project Tuesday evening.
According to the council, and deliberations during the previous night’s caucus, the existing plan was fiscally inefficient and did not meet state standards regarding the treatment of sewage mains that were deemed necessary for replacement while undergoing the construction of the roundabout.
The approved resolution bonded an additional $280,000 for the project.
Common Council President James Noble said the antiquated city sewage structure required a revamping, separate from the roundabout construction, which compelled the city to comply with the state’s recommendations.
“When the state looked at the design plans that the city submitted, they saw that the existing way that the sewers were structured created a bottleneck in the lines; so, there was redesign to straighten them out and to be an easier flow into the two lines that were merging together,” said Noble. “By doing that and additional cost for piping and fill, and engineering cost, and piping and inspections, there was an increase of $288,000.”
Alderman Tony Davis said, at caucus, he had signed off on a different
amount. Being the only no-vote at the common council, he argued that the
city should see what they can do with the existing bonded monies, before
charging the taxpayers more for the project.
“I would say we use $800,000 that we originally bonded and see what we can do with that $800,000, versus add another $300,000 to this project; which, in my opinion, the project is probably going to require more additional money,” said Davis. “Now, a month later, two months later, comes back and needs an extra $200,000, almost $300,000.”
The total cost of the I-587 roundabout project is estimated at approximately $1.8 million at this point; however, city officials say it will not affect the expediency of the project’s completion.

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