Basile proposes increase in state aid to fix “crumbling” area roads


NEW WINDSOR – Republican State Senate candidate Thomas Basile has announced if elected he will sponsor legislation next year to require more funds generated through the existing state gas tax to be allocated for substantial investments in town, county and village road improvements.
Basile’s proposal would more than double the size of the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program to $1 billion using existing funds that he said are being “raided” by the state for other purposes.
“It is typical of our state’s waste and dysfunction that we spend nearly as much money on tax credits for Hollywood studios than we do to help local governments pave roads,” said Basile. “Our streets are crumbing in our business districts, our neighborhoods, and major arteries yet we’re not getting more resources. When local governments can’t afford paving and other road infrastructure projects, problems get worse, and ultimately property owners are on the hook for higher costs. Seriously expanding the CHIPS program is long overdue.” 

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