Recruiting faculty a concern of the West Point Board of Visitors


WEST POINT – Administrators at the US Military Academy at West Point are concerned with the talent acquisition for faculty and are taking steps to focus on mitigating the issue.
At the Monday Board of Visitors meeting, West Point administrators said they are recognizing that military officers offered faculty positions at West Point are vying to take key development officer positions instead, recognizing that their peers are experiencing upward mobility within the ranks faster on this track.
It was suggested to West Point Board Chairman Retired LTG Joseph De Francisco that a strong statement be submitted to voice this concern, urging better lines of communication between talent acquisition and potential candidates.
Brig. General Cindy Jebb, dean of the academic board, agreed and said, “The way we posture for the future is by investing in individuals,” referencing her time visiting China, seeing they are paying attention to the U.S. strategies in grooming future leaders.
Additionally, members of the Board of Visitors conveyed they will be focusing heavily on the new curriculum and research opportunities for the academy.
The academy will be investing in the big data analytics and bio-mechanical engineering programs, as well as prepping for military research on high energy laser propagation across different environments and studies on particular body types that are most prone to injury.

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