Over $8 million in state funds allotted for Mid-Hudson pedestrian safety projects


ALBANY – A total of $8.32 million has been allocated by the state for pedestrian safety projects in the Mid-Hudson Valley as part of a multi-agency initiative to utilize engineering, education and enforcement campaigns to enhance pedestrian safety across upstate.

The City of Poughkeepsie will receive $2.43 million
The City of New Rochelle will receive $2.54 million for pedestrian signal improvements
The Village of Port Chester will receive $596,000
The Town of Ramapo will receive $547,000
The Village of Nyack will receive $370,000
The City of Kingston will receive $530,000 for pedestrian safety at intersections
Westchester County will receive $775,000 for upgrades at signalized intersections and uncontrolled crosswalks
Orange County will receive $530,000

Pedestrian safety site evaluations began last year on state-owned roadways across New York, including 2,000 crosswalks without traffic signals and 2,400 signalized intersections.      
The assessments identified cost-effective upgrades that greatly improve safety for pedestrians. Those include the installation of high visibility crosswalk markings and additional signs, as well as signalization enhancements, such as extended crossing times, countdown timers that tell pedestrians how many seconds they have to cross a street, and leading pedestrian intervals that help make pedestrians more visible to motorist by giving them a head start before traffic can turn on to the street.

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