Man sentenced for failing to register as sex offender


MONTICELLO – A White Sulphur Springs man sentenced in Sullivan County Court to two to six years in state prison on the felony of failure to register as a sex offender.
District Attorney James Farrell said Allen Weeks, 36, who is a level one sex offender from a conviction for sodomy in 2005, was on probation for a previous failure to register conviction that occurred in 2015 in Sullivan County.
Probation officers learned that Weeks had a Facebook account that he had not registered with the Department of Criminal Justice Services as required by law. Those officers observed a video posted on that page that showed Weeks pulling a revolver from his waistband and aiming it at the camera.
After that was discovered, probation officers in cooperation with the District Attorney’s office sought a search order from county court after when officers found several pornographic magazines, a small black scale and a quantity of marijuana. No gun was found.
Weeks entered a plea of guilty to failure to register the Facebook account and also admitted that he violated the terms of his probation.
He was sentenced to one to three years in prison for the probation to run concurrent to the two to six year prison sentence. 

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