Ronk remains Ulster Legislature chairman, calls on colleagues to rise to the top

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KINGSTON – By a one-vote
margin, Republican Kenneth Ronk will serve another two years as chairman
of the Ulster County Legislature. He edged Democrat Jonathan Heppner in
a party-line 12 to 11 vote.

Ronk called for bipartisanship, and, while he didn’t use the word
“swamp,” heard frequently from another politician, he was
clear about not wanting to emulate what is happening on higher levels.

“Over the coming weeks, I’m going to be speaking to each
of you to find out where your interests lie and where your priorities
are,” Ronk said. “To properly represent the 180,000 residents
of Ulster County, we need to set aside petty animosity and our political
disagreements to find areas of consensus and agreement. Our constituents
deserve better than see at the state and federal levels and I will not
stand as chairman of this body devolve as they have.”
Ronk will present an agenda for 2018 in his annual remarks next month.