Newburgh receives urban forestry grant for ‘Greening South William Street’


NEWBURGH – The City of Newburgh received a $50,000 Urban Forestry grant from the state Department of Environmental Conservation to revitalize trees and sidewalks along the South William Street block from Route 9W to Walsh Road.
The grant was sought by the city’s Conservation Advisory Council.
The block that runs along the city’s recreation department playing fields on the north side and the Newburgh Armory Unity Center on the south side, is bordered by tree stumps.
Thirty new trees will be planted in large three-by-five tree pits, replacing 21 damaged trees. Damaged sidewalks will also be replaced.
“Greening S, William Street is a quality of life project for this vibrant neighborhood,” said Deborah Dresser, co-author of the grant. “This hew green corridor will imbue a sense of neighborhood price, while improving air quality and aiding in storm water management.”

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