Mid-Hudson Valley wins $84.8 million for project funding in REDC grants


ALBANY – A total of 113 projects
worth $84.8 million were awarded Wednesday as the Mid-Hudson Valley’s
portion of almost $800 million divvied up by the state to its 10 regions.

Thirteen of the projects in this region won $1 million or more. (Click
here for complete list)
The City of Middletown, which last year won the $10 million Downtown Revitalization
Initiative grant, was awarded just over $3 million in this round to purchase
land and conservation easements to enhance a reservoir buffer.

The City of Kingston, which won the $10 million DRI prize earlier this
year, will receive $2 million in this round for the Kingston Uptown Revitalization

The Hutton Brickyards Redevelopment project in Kingston was awarded $1

The Town of Hyde Park won $1.5 million for its downtown infrastructure

The Winnakee Land Trust won $1.2 million to acquire 335 acres in the Town
of Red Hook to protect the water supply.

Mediprint LLC was awarded $1.2 million for medical 3D printing services
in Orange County.

The Tuxedo Sloatsburg Corridor Revitalization project phase II in Rockland
and Orange counties will get $1 million.

The southeast Sewer and Water Infrastructure project in the Brewster/Town
of Southeast area of Putnam County will receive $1.1 million.

The West Nyack Hamlet Green Revitalization in Rockland County will receive
$1 million.

The Bowery of Port Chester-Revitalization Downtown in Port Chester will
receive $2 million.

New Rochelle Green Parking Garage was awarded $1 million and the Lea Goren
Group will receive $1 million for the Power plant phase two project in

Close to $1.2 million was awarded for the Byram River Bulkhead replacement
in Port Chester.
The Mid-Hudson program also includes $25 million in federal industrial
development bonds for state and local government issuers to sell tax-exempt
bonds for eligible economic development, infrastructure and community
revitalization efforts.


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