Orange DA moves into state-of-the-art offices


GOSHEN – As individual departments move into the newly rebuilt and renovated Orange County Government Center in Goshen, District Attorney David Hoovler is relocating his offices to the top floor of the four-story addition.    
Like all other county departments, his has been located in rented space in a Goshen office building; some county offices were located in other county facilities.

Hoovler getting settled in his new office

Other offices moving out of rented space into their new home

For the first time in recent history, all 45 assistant DA’s, 12 investigators and support staff will be under one roof. The Newburgh office will remain open, but the Middletown operation will be consolidated with Goshen staff.
Hoovler said the new digs are designed for operational security.
“The general public has no reason to be up here, no reason to see
what is going on up here unless they have business up here,” The
DA said. “It’s built so that there are conference rooms in
multiple locations on the outer perimeter so that they don’t have
to enter into the main portion of the DA’s office. So there are
files, posters and other things are here, no one is going to see them
unless you actually bring the person into your office or onto this floor
and the idea is, the general idea is, the attorneys will always meet with
the ADA’s in the outer perimeter.”
All offices are expected to be in operation in the new government center by next month and that will include the much-anticipated return of the DMV office to Goshen.

The new addition connects two wings that were part of the old government center


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