Nelson confirmed as Poughkeepsie Administrator

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POUGHKEEPSIE – Marc Nelson, who has been Poughkeepsie’s Finance Commissioner, and Acting Administrator following the sudden departure of Deborah McDonnell in July, was confirmed as administrator on a near-unanimous vote Monday night.
Nelson acknowledged that when he came to Poughkeepsie from Hartford, Connecticut, he had applied for that position but was happy to take the finance post.
For the most part, it was high praise for Nelson, beginning with Mayor Robert Rolison, a Republican, who noted Nelson’s quick ability to step in after the previous administrator’s resignation.
“Marc stepped right in to assume that responsibility at the same time, in the middle of budget discussions with the department heads,” Rolison said.  “I can tell you, too, that he has been a pleasure to work with, now, on the third floor and I would really hope that all of you would approve this appointment because Marc Nelson is the right man for this job.  I can also say that he has built a really good team.”
That team will include Bill Brady, whom he will appoint as the new Finance Commissioner today.  Brady previously held the post.
Democrat Mike Young was among council members praising Nelson.
“He has great understanding and recognition of the things that this city needs and I look forward to working with him in his new role as city administrator,” Young said.
Nelson, grateful for the appointment, had few words but made a quick pitch for the proposed 2018 budget, which comes in under the tax cap.
“We realize in the administration that there are a lot of challenges,” Nelson said. “I think this budget, as Mike Young said, addresses a lot of those and we hope that the council will support the budget.”
The one dissent came from Christopher Petsas, who refused to sit at the council table.  He did not explain his “no” vote, but did launch into several brief tirades alluding to what he sees as a “circus atmosphere” in the council chamber.  That did not appear to be a reference to Nelson, but to what Petsas sees as a lack of decorum during council meeteings.