New facility means faster propane delivery for Mid-Hudson


MAYBROOK – One of the largest facilities of its kind in the country will provide a reliable year-round propane supply to thousands of end-users throughout the northeast.
Crestwood Services and Superior Energy Systems opened a rail to truck propane distribution terminal near Interstate 84 Exit 5 (Route 208) on Wednesday. 
The facility features 16 rail offloading stations on a continuous platform, which will ensure a capacity of approximately 100 trucks per day or a volume of 1 million gallons during peak winter demand months.   The four-spot truck rack with turbine pumps will load four trucks in 17 minutes, reducing wait times during peak winter months.

Rapid turnaround at the new Crestwood facility

Crestwood’s Vice President of Supply & Logistics Development, Andy Ronald, said their service area is large.
 “This will benefit all the propane consumers, really in the New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania area.  It will bring continuity to supply, a very high volume.  This facility is built for a lot of volume with reliable rail supply.”

Ronald: “… get the best value …”

Ronald said Crestwood defines a perfect ‘middle man’ role.
“We’re a midstream service company to producers and it’s our job to find markets for their product that get the best value for it, and that’s really what this does.”
During a ribbon-cutting ceremony, Ronald thanked Town of Montgomery officials for a smooth approval process and project designers and builders for getting the facility from concept to reality in about three years.
Superior Energy Systems brought together engineering, manufacturing, construction and safety expertise for the project. 

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