Ulster rail-bikes delayed a year


railexplorers.net file photo

KINGSTON – The Rail Explorers company’s rail-bikes that were expected to start running on a six-mile western stretch of the Ulster Rail Trail this spring have been delayed.
The company says on its website that the delay is due to “track work to the railroad.”
County Executive Michael Hein said when the rides do start up, they will add to the already burgeoning tourism industry in the county.
“There will be a lot of opportunity and a lot of things for people to be able to continue to expand tourism in Ulster County, which is literally growing by leaps and bounds,” Hein said. “We are up to almost $550 million of tourist economy right here in Ulster County.”
The rail-bikes are expected to start in the spring of next year.
They will add to train rides in another section of the trail as well as the walking-biking trail. 

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