Poughkeepsie changes city insurance policies


POUGHKEEPSIE – Mayor Robert Rolison said Poughkeepsie stands to save a lot of money with his conversion from self-insurance to a statewide program.  The city will have to pay less out-of-pocket for claims, he said.
“We are no longer responsible for the first $1 million if we have a settlement situation due to legal action,” the mayor said.
For a city that doesn’t have $1 million in the bank, this is a good thing.”
Under terms of the new arrangement with the New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal, that organization will be responsible for legal defense and adjustor costs for claims made against the city.
Rolison said converting to this program addresses another of “the chief recommendations of the city’s Strategic Fiscal Improvement Plan, which is the roadmap toward a full financial recovery for our city.” 

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