Newburgh continues to wrestle with skateboard park funding


NEWBURGH – City officials continue to look for ways to build a skateboard park in Newburgh while at the same time use much of the federal funds it had targeted for the $750,000 project instead for street security cameras for the police.
They want to do both while acknowledging safety is on the top of the list of issues facing the city.
As the discussion continues, Mayor Judy Kennedy said if a skateboard park is to be constructed, it may very well have to be scaled back. It had originally been proposed as a $75,000 modular park, she noted.
“The kids weren’t interested in that at all,” Kennedy said. “The thing kind of grew until we had this very professional thing. But, now as we look at the needs of the community and try to balance this out, the youth may have to scale back. I like the Cadillac too, but I can only afford the Chevy.”
Newburgh is going to receive state and federal money to add cameras to its crime-fighting arsenal and anticipates installing 13 new, more advanced cameras in the future. 

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