Mount Vernon man arrested for animal cruelty

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One of several very malnourished dogs rescued by the SPCA

MOUNT VERNON – A Mount Vernon man was arrested on Thursday and charged with animal cruelty for confining a dog in the basement of his building without adequate food and water.
The Westchester SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Division was tipped off to the abuse, allegedly by the dog’s owner, Vincent Marable, 57, when the Mount Vernon Animal Shelter received an anonymous tip last Friday.
The dog was brought to a veterinarian for medical attention, and then transferred to the SPCA’s Simpson Clinic for evaluation, further treatment and rehabilitation.
During the investigation, the officers found seven other neglected dogs on the property. Two had been chained together at the necks and tied to a bedroom dresser. Three others were left outdoors without food or water and without protection from the elements. The remaining two, a poodle and a Yorkshire terrier, also had signs of severe neglect and were in need of veterinary treatment.
The SPCA’s animal cruelty hotline is 914-941-7797 and is completely confidential, said Executive Director Shannon Laukhuf.
Mount Vernon Police were also involved in the investigation.