Cat missing from North Carolina ends up in Kingston


Izzy, back at home

KINGSTON – A cat that went missing from its North Carolina home
in 2014 has turned up in Kingston. The tortoiseshell colored feline was
“adopted” by employees at Ulster Savings Bank in the City
of Kingston after it showed up in the parking lot. The workers fed her
and even named her Penny.

She was taken to the Ulster County SPCA for a checkup where it was learned
she had been spayed and had an embedded microchip with her family’s
name and address. That address was out of date, but SPCA medical coordinator
Brad Schoonmaker tracked down the owners on Facebook.

Penny turned out to be Izzy, a member of a military family that lives
in North Carolina, but happened to be vacationing on Long Island.

The owner, who wanted to remain anonymous, got a babysitter for her two
kids and drove to Kingston for a reunion with Izzy, who is now reported
to be home and happy, lounging on a cat tree and enjoying her favorite
flavor of Fancy Feast.


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