NYC firefighters union blasts Arlington Fire District over American flag issue


NEW YORK – The president of the Uniformed Fire Officers Association
of New York City Thursday criticized the administration of the Arlington
Fire Department for ordering firefighters to remove American flags from
the backs of fire trucks.

“Our nation’s brave men and women, who choose to serve the
public and risk their lives each and every day as
firefighters, do so because they love their neighbors, their communities
and their country,” said New
York City union President James Lemonda
He called it “outrageous and disgraceful that anyone would claim
that an American flag could be seen as a ‘disgrace’.”

The union president said they support their fellow firefighters “to
proudly display their affection and commitment to our country, especially
right before they are asked to run into burning buildings to save lives.”

Lemonda said especially as we approach the 15th anniversary of the September
11 attacks, people should be allowed to proudly display the American flag.

The Arlington officials have been taking heat on their decision from local
officials and fire departments across the country, calling for them to
rethink their decision.


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