Beacon and Newburgh officials to discuss loud restaurant music


NEWBURGH – Beacon officials have been receiving complaints from city residents of loud music coming from the Newburgh waterfront and top officials from both cities are now going to sit down and discuss the issue.
The music may have been playing for years, but complaints have increased this year, said Beacon Mayor Randy Casale.
“I’m the mayor for five years; it has been ongoing for five
years,” Casale said.  “I had talks with [former Newburgh
City Manager Richard] Herbek when he was there and he said he would look
into it and nothing got done. Now we are back at it. We have been getting
more complaints from our residents from throughout the city; more than
we have had before.”  
Some Beacon officials have suggested suing the restaurant owners, but Casale said before any action is to be considered, the city must gather evidence including measuring decibel levels of the music.