Newburgh manager warns Hudson Shipyard not to move heavy equipment without city’s permission


NEWBURGH – Hudson Shipyard, LP wants to transport heavy generators from its Hudson River port in Newburgh to the CPV power plant under construction near Middletown, but City Manager Michael Ciaravino warned the company it may not use city streets without approval.
“Please be advised in no uncertain terms, that you will not be permitted to move any heavy equipment from the site until the city gives you permission to do so,” the manager wrote in a July 23 letter to the company’s owner, David Plotkin. “If necessary, the city police will enforce that restriction.”
The company is hoping for a series of temporary closures on Water Street to facilitate the move. Ciaravino said before than will be considered, he needs to know the exact dates, times and duration of all traffic diversions and will need to verify that CSX Railroad has consented to the extended crossing times through the at-grade crossing from the steelyard to Marine Drive.
Ciaravino also said the city has “substantial concerns” about traffic diversion and said that “access to the city’s sewer easement and access road must be maintained at all times.” 

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