Middletown ends 2015 on positive financial note


MIDDLETOWN – The City of Middletown ended 2015 with a $7 million unappropriated fund balance. That is a good sign as the municipality continues to move forward with its streamlining process.
The city’s independent auditor, Dominick Consolo, told the common council Tuesday night the administration saved $3.2 million in expenditures last year.
Mayor Joseph DeStefano said the city is changing the way local government is run in keeping with contemporary economic times.
“What we are trying to do is change the way government does business,” DeStefano said.  “We know it can’t be business oriented 100 percent, but we can apply certain principles as we manage departments and as we lay out our budgets.”  
Middletown is not without its challenges as it faces the need to upgrade much of its underground infrastructure and deal with other expenses.