Legoland confirms plans to develop theme park in Orange County

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TOWN OF GOSHEN – Merlin Entertainment PLC has confirmed that it looking to build a Legoland theme park in the Town of Goshen. reported on Thursday that the company had purchased over 300 acres of land just south of the former Arden Hill Hospital for development of the family entertainment venue.
Thursday evening the company issued a statement that it “has an interest in land” in the Town of Goshen.
“We would hope to bring an application to the town board for the
re-zoning of the land in due course, as part of our aspiration to open
a third Legoland Park in North America,” said spokeswoman Julie
The $800 million project is expected to break ground in the spring 2017 and take two years to build. When completed and in operation, it would employ some 1,500 people.
Merlin Entertainment’s first choice for a theme park in the Mid-Hudson Valley was in Haverstraw, but the town pulled out over concerns of its residents.