Senator seeks $4 million federal funding for Stewart Airport water and sewer upgrades


Schumer, left, with Town of New Windsor Supervisor
George Green, one of several local officials at the airport
for the announcement

NEW WINDSOR – Stewart Airport and several businesses in New Windsor are in need of sewer and water infrastructure upgrades to keep the momentum growing for expanded business in Eastern Orange County.
On Monday, Senator Charles Schumer came to the airport to announce that he would push for federal funds to help make those upgrades happen.
“Businesses like to come near airports, but if they can’t get water and sewer they are not coming,” he said. “Is this going to happen tomorrow? No. But, if we don’t look ahead a few years, we could have real trouble.”
The senator said he would seek $4 million from the federal Economic Development Administration to modernize the 80-year-old infrastructure.
Schumer said water and sewer upgrades would modernize the airport, open up new land tracts that were not previously considered usable, support construction of two hotels, create a new business incubator, create and retrain local jobs and pave the way for the development of 2,400 additional acres of land.

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