Martinkovic remains head of state fire coordinators association


MONTICELLO – For the sixth
year, Sullivan County Emergency Services Commissioner Richard Martinkovic
has been elected as the president of the County Fire Coordinators Association
of the State of New York.
As head of the group, Martinkovic works with the state Office of Fire Control as the liaison to schedule fire training.
“As coordinator, my job is to assist in the scheduling and the requests of the local fire chiefs as to what their needs of what type of training they need for their members and to coordinate with the state so we get the right classes and we get everyone up to speed and we can work safely and provide good service to the people in our counties,” he said.
All 57 county fire coordinators and their deputies as well as the fire chief and deputy chief of the Fire Department of the City of New York are members of the association.

Martinkovic, center, with other officers


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