Wallkill adds another veteran-friendly amenity


TOWN OF WALLKILL – Known for its salutes to veterans including a memorial park and a train underpass named for vets, the Town of Wallkill is launching yet another initiative.
For $95, people can purchase two-foot by three-foot vinyl banners saluting veterans that will be hung at the designated locations. After several months, the first 12 banners will be given to those who purchased them and the next set will be installed.
James Scali, first vice commander of the Town of Wallkill American Legion, said this latest effort is proof positive that Wallkill is a veteran-friendly town.
“The way I view it is as a big thank you from the Town of Wallkill for all of our veterans. Every day when they drive down the road they will be able to recognize we are saying thank you to them,” Scali said.
Town Supervisor Daniel Depew said persons can order banners via the town
site at www.TownofWallkill.com
Vietnam veterran Michael Cody is credited with the idea for this later

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