Renewed FEMA funding could help Newburgh deal with a potential disaster, says Maloney


NEWBURGH – Standing almost directly above a potentially catastrophic sinkhole recently discovered under Water Street in Newburgh, U.S. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney said he expects action in Washington next week that could help.
“The legislation that we will pass next week will include additional flexibility and resources for communities to prioritize their own projects,” Maloney said.  “Something I’ve worked very hard on so that the county executive and the mayor will have the capacity to devote4 resources where they are most needed.”
FEMA has not been funded since 2011, which is keeping the agency from accepting new applications for pre-disaster mitigation for emergencies like the sinkhole in Newburgh.
“If we don’t fix the roof while the sun is shining, it’s going to be a lot harder to do it when we’re in the middle of a storm,” said the congressman.

Rep. Maloney, podium, with, from left, City Manager Michael Ciaravino, Deputy Orange County Emergency
Services Commissioner Craig Cherry, County Executive Steven Neuhuas and Newburgh Mayor Judy Kennedy

“We’re frustrated that there’s priorities elsewhere around the world for the very tax dollars that not only could help us repair this magnificent city, and others like it, but could also give important jobs that we’re all starving for in the United States,” said City Manager Michael Ciaravino.
Underground surveying, using a camera and other tools, will begin on Monday.  Ciaravino said he is still hoping the collapse can be fixed by the city Public Works department.

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