Mt. Hope to get remodeled community center, paved senior parking with state funds


OTISVILLE – Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther came to Otisville Thursday to announce she has secured state funding to expand the parking lot at the Mount Hope Senior Center and remodel a former community center behind it.
A check for $100,000 will be used to do extensive upgrades to the former
recreation center for seniors and youth and another $10,000 will pay for
the expansion of the current senior center parking lot from seven to 39
“I want the taxpayer money to come back here so I fight tooth and nail to make sure we get these projects,” Gunther said. She tells constituents that this is part of the money they paid in taxes “and we are bringing it back to your community to make it a better and safe community.”
Diane Loeven, president of the Mount Hope Seniors, said the funding for additional senior parking “creates a much safer environment for everyone.”

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