Giudice proposes giving abandoned houses to developers for free


Giudice: “… right back on
the tax rolls”

NEWBURGH – Republican Newburgh mayoral candidate John Giudice announced on Monday his proposal to spur redevelopment in the city.  He suggested that city-owned vacant and rundown buildings should be given to reputable developers at no charge with the stipulation that they have a timeframe in which they must rehabilitate them.
“Give them an 18-month ceiling to fix the house up,” Giudice said.  “The day they sign the deed, they go right back on the tax rolls. At the end of the 18-month period, if they are not ready to occupy, we take it back, no matter how much they put into it.”
The former eight-year councilman, said Newburgh continues to stagnate and his idea would spur economic growth.
Giudice will be in a three-way race for mayor next month against Democrat Jonathan Jacobson and incumbent Judy Kennedy on the Independence Party line.