Cornell blasts United Water’s decision to pull out of Rockland water task force


NEW CITY – Rockland County Legislator Harriet Cornell, who chairs the Rockland Task Force on Water Resources Management, said Wednesday that United Water New York needs to resume an active role with the group.
Cornell asked the state Public Service Commission “to make United Water’s obligations clear” after the company quit the task force following the release of a report critical of some if its operations.
The company also was critical of the report’s author, Amy Vickers, a water conservation and efficiency expert, engineer and author of Amherst, Massachusetts, who conducted the study for the task force.
“It is obvious that the independent study analyzing United Water’s data has touched a nerve and caused consternation at United Water,” Cornell said. “Its reaction was to attack the expertise of the analyst – the very person UW tried to hire; its second reaction is to walk away from the task force. The job isn’t done, and they can’t want away from participating in a government-community task force.”

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