Wallkill street sign sales going well

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The new signs are proving popular

TOWN OF WALLKILL – In the four months since the Town of Wallkill began replacing their old green street signs with modern brown ones with the town logo, about 60 percent of them have been changed over.
The conversion is not costing the town anything as town residents are paying the $30 per sign to convert them with the incentive that they get to keep the old sign and “own” a piece of their hometown.
Town Supervisor Daniel Depew is pleased with the public’s response.
“A lot of people are happy with it and surprised with the way they look and they like the reflectivity at night,” Depew said.   People have even told Depew that they did not realize certain areas were in the town until the signs were changed.   “That’s a big issue for us with safety and unity and community to let the people know where the town boundaries are,” he said.
Depew said the street signs are still available for sale, but those that have not been changed over through resident contributions, the town will change later this year.