Orange County CSEA approves new contract with county workers


GOSHEN – Rank and file of the Orange
County Government CSEA have overwhelmingly approved a new contact with
the county. The vote, counted Tuesday, is 785 in favor and 317 opposed.
County Executive Steven Neuhaus said the pact will take the heat off
employees, who might have felt in limbo about their future.

“Are they going to get a raise, are they not? Are they going to
get laid off or are they not? What this does is settle a lot of issue
and allows me to create a budget that incorporates what the employees
are going to be paid,” he said.

The previous pact expired in 2011. The new seven-year agreement is retroactive
and includes no wage increase in 2012 and 2013; 60-cents added to every
grade in 2014; 1.75 percent in 2015; 1.5 percent in 2016 and 2017; and
1.25 percent in 2018.

Employees will also receive a new 20-year longevity step.

All employees will also contribute to the cost of health insurance as
of January 2018.



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