Kingston Democratic voters ask state party to investigate city committee


KINGSTON – The endorsement of Steven Noble as the Democratic Party nominee for Kingston mayor over incumbent Shayne Gallo on Wednesday night was a set-up by local party leadership, a group of city Democrats contends.
But, city Chairman Joseph Donaldson said they are “whining and acting like babies.”
Gallo said the letter, which alleges the city committee stacked the deck with appointments from the Donaldson and Noble families and their friends, has signatures from over 30 Kingston Democrats and he expects more to sign on.
“That letter will be sent to the state chairman requesting, if not demanding, an investigation into what Mr. Donaldson has done with regard to committee appointments and how they are all connected to his family as well as Mr. Nobles’ families as well,” Gallo said.
Candidate Steven Noble is the nephew of common council Chairman James Noble.
One of those who signed the letter is Andrew Champ-Doran, who ran unsuccessfully
for council on the Republican and Independence party lines after he lost
a Democratic primary.
“The appearance is anybody who supported Shayne Gallo in any way four years ago seems to be a target for whatever reason,” Champ-Duran said.
Donaldson, who is the brother of County Legislator David Donaldson, said he “didn’t stack anything.” Joseph Donaldson said Gallo and his supporters know the rules and that he didn’t break them. 

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