Newburgh struggles with capital plan necessities


NEWBURGH – If officials in Newburgh
were to address all of the city’s capital needs over a five-year
period, it would cost over $102 million. Over a three-year period, it
would cost almost $23 million to meet its needs.
Mayor Judy Kennedy noted officials have cut that down to $7.2 million worth of upgrades over a three-year period.
“It’s kind of a dice game to figure out which thing is at the highest risk to fail first and what kind of catastrophe that thing would happen so that we can deal with it now, because there are so many things,” the mayor said.
Kennedy pointed to the Bridge Street bridge. The structure itself is okay, but the footings are threatening a sewer line and if they fail, the sewer line would collapse and that would cause a major problem.
As for the temporary bridge on Lake Street, she said that is sound and could remain for a long time while other issues are addressed. 

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