April Fool’s Day brings out the lighter side of politics


MID-HUDSON – Last year April Fool’s Day, Wallkill Town Supervisor
Daniel Depew had a Wallkill flag raised over Middletown City Hall and
a Wallkill parking sign in the mayor’s parking spot.

Middletown Mayor Joseph DeStefano took the gags in the spirit in which
they were committed, but suggested the two municipalities consider real
discussions of a possible merger.

On April Fools’ Day this year, Depew wanted to top his prank of
last year so he Photoshopped a new version of the electronic billboard
that is on Route 17 in Wallkill.

Depew, left, and DeStefano, trade light-hearted barbs on April Fool’s

DeStefano enjoyed the fun, but said it should be taken seriously.

“We would become a powerhouse in the county, region and state, so
I am glad he is thinking about these things, but the only time it comes
out is on April Fool’s Day when he agrees with me,” DeStefano

And if a merger would come to pass, DeStefano said he would consider Depew
for a top level job.

“If he wants to apply for the deputy mayor job, then I would certainly
consider him,” DeStefano said.

But, Depew said Wednesday that DeStefano has broken his promise.

“It looks like he is going back on his word. Last year he said I
could be the mayor of this new municipal entity that doesn’t exist,”
Depew said.

This isn’t the only April Fool’s gag in local government.
The Kingston City Police Department issued an authentic looking news release
saying it was going to employ a new “Sky Police” unmanned
drone to patrol.

What’s up in the sky? It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

The police statement said the public has expressed concern about the
drone spying on them sunbathing in their birthday suit or changing inside
their home. “The public need not worry about such private issues.
A program that blurs any inappropriate photos or videos will be available
some time in late 2016,” the news release said.

And the police concluded their announcement saying the “Sky Police”
drone will have the capability of displaying messages to the public on
a lighted banner, the first of which is “Happy April Fool’s


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