Gerentine asks Cahill for another sales tax extension


KINGSTON – It took months of haggling between Ulster County Executive Michael Hein and other public officials with state Assemblyman Kevin Cahill (D, Kingston) to get the state lawmaker to support an extension of the county’s additional one percent sales tax it has received for some 20 years.
County Legislator Richard Gerentine, a Republican and chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, wrote to Democrat Cahill asking him for his support for an extension after the November 30, 2015 expiration date.
Gerentine does not want to see a repeat of a delay that cost the county millions in lost revenue.
“We were surprised as a legislative body that this was going on until it hit us one night with the time frame being what it was, so we are starting a little early this year and we are asking if anyone has any requests or any other things they want to be added to the bill that we would know before we proceed,” Gerentine said.
Cahill insisted this last time that the county adopt a resolution committing to take over the social services safety net funding from the municipalities.

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