Groups protect farmland in Copake


COPAKE – In an effort to make farmland available for young farmers and experienced farmers seeking to expand their operations, three organizations have banded together to protect 189 acres of productive land on two properties in Copake.
Scenic Hudson, the Columbia Land Conservancy and Northeast Farm Access developed the easement program.
“Once again the partnership of Scenic Hudson and Columbia Land Conservancy has delivered results that offer outstanding benefits – making farmland affordable to young farmers, providing them with a stable base for their operations, and ramping up supplies of fresh, healthy food,” said Scenic Hudson President Ned Sullivan.
“Many residents of communities are eating directly from this land and will for generations to come, free of pesticides and herbicides,” said Northeast Farm Access Managing Director Robert Bernstein. “Hundreds of local residents, two dozen investors, the farmers new to Copake and those replicating this model with NEFA in four states are most grateful to Scenic Hudson and Columbia Land Conservancy for leading the way from state to finish. The impact is huge.”

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