Demand for Wallkill street signs through the roof


The $30 signs are going fast

TOWN OF WALLKILL –In just two days since the Town of Wallkill announced it will offer new attractive street signs for residents to buy with the old ones being given to them, 400 requests have come in.
Town Supervisor Daniel Depew said they have already sold 200 signs with more requests coming in by email, phone calls and in-person visits by residents.
Depew launched the program as a continuation of the town’s effort to boost its image.
“This program  has been so popular, we have seen people here at town hall that have never been to town hall before, who came in and said, ‘this is great; we are excited abo0ut this. Who do I pay?’” Depew said.
The new brown signs include the town’s logo and replace the old green signs.
The town has some 800 street signs on local roads. 

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